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How Much Does Myofunctional Therapy Cost?

The cost for myofunctional therapy can vary depending on the program and needs of the client. A comprehensive exam will be important for narrowing down your needs in therapy and how much it will cost based upon your myofunctional impairment(s).   This exam goes into past as well as present habits and symptoms and will be used to develop the best plan for you concerns. Following this exam, it should be clear what plan is best for you. A comprehensive exam fee is $160.00. 

Below you can explore some more common programs.  A clear understanding about your myofunctional impairment(s), and how it all ties together with your symptoms becomes important to making a decision of how to tackle your impairments and understanding the value in myofunctional therapy. The cost of therapy per session is usually $100.00. I use both in person sessions and video conferencing sessions.

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 2022 Myofunctional Therapy Prices

Programs & Information


This program is for clients who are strictly concerned about exercise related to a tongue-tie release.  These clients still will complete a comprehensive exam and receive a custom treatment plan for their myofunctional impairments, but may choose to begin with a smaller segment of treatment. This program includes 6 sessions: 3 before surgical treatment and 3 after. 


The Phase One therapy program is for clients who do NOT have advanced treatment needs, such as sleep apnea, or snoring concerns. 

This program is 10-12 sessions and covers: resting tongue posture, nasal breathing, oral muscles strengthening.


The Advanced Phase One therapy program is for clients who have snoring, and  sleep concerns, but does not address sleep apnea. 

This program is 13-15 sessions and covers: resting tongue posture, nasal breathing, muscle strengthening, chewing, drinking, swallowing, AND snoring concerns. 

This program is for clients with advanced myofunctional impairment. 

This program is a full year that includes 20-24 sessions that are broken down into 3 segments: Intensive Phase 1, Habituation Phase 2, and Retention Phase 3. 

Clients who need this therapy are those with multiple myofunctional impairments, advanced orthodontic concerns, airway issues, sleep apnea and TMJ concerns. 



This program is designed for children 4-10 years of age. It can be as long as one year of therapy (12-13 sessions). 

The Mini-Myo program is never the same for two children because each child will participate differently. Parents are an integral part of this therapy as co-therapists. Some things we will work on is habit elimination, breathing, and correcting posture of tongue, and lip seal.

Working with Mini-MYO kids is usually a multifactorial team approach to reach positive end goals. 


This three-month-long program includes a kit with a Myo Munchee device and 4 half-hour therapy sessions. Designed for parents looking for early intervention therapy options for their toddlers and younger children aged 1-6 years who are too young for traditional therapy. This program is designed to aid proper growth and development, as well as reinforcing proper oral/tongue posture and encouraging good oral habits.

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